Happy 1 year… or 3


Happy One Year Anniversary Krugers!

It was wonderful to wake up that morning. To look at my gorgeous man and remember that just a year ago it all became official. It was such a fun wedding, filled with friends, family and cherished memories. I couldn’t wait to celebrate our love this past Sunday with gifts and delicious food and mostly just soak in a day of each other.


It’s not just one year to me. Our wedding anniversary also coincides with our dating anniversary. A fact that I am pretty ecstatic about. So while it’s one year “official,” to me it’s three wonderful years of having this man in my life. Three years of choosing to grow together.

I know that when you first start dating you don’t always know if this is going to be the one that makes it to forever. So I can’t say I did know that for sure when we chose to make it official on July 13, 2011. However, I think I had an inkling.

It’s why I looked up when July 13 would be a Saturday and it just so happened to be a Saturday on 7.13.13. I will never forget how I jokingly told him, “July 13, 2013 is a Saturday. We could get married.” He laughed and remarked on how cute I was.

We’ve both always remembered that moment and as 2012 rolled around, we both knew that would be the day. And it was.

So I’m definitely about celebrating our wedding anniversary because THAT was and is as of now the biggest moment of my life; a truly-ridiculously-amazing-life-altering moment.

However, I think couples should celebrate that dating anniversary too. Especially if it’s not on the same day as your wedding anniversary. That day was the beginning. It’s when couples start to define their relationship and in happy consequence grow. It makes me almost teary-eyed thinking about relationship beginnings… so much hope and excitement about what the future may hold.

That, my friends, is worth celebrating. Especially when it comes to fruition.